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How To Create Attractive Instagram Reels Like A Pro – 5 Simple Steps

How To Create Attractive Instagram Reels Like A Pro


Instagram launched Reels to let users create and watch short, entertaining videos. Unlike Instagram stories, Reels won’t disappear after 24 hours and remain permanent until you delete it from your profile. The videos are in length of 15-90 seconds, where people can showcase their talents in a fun way. It is similar to TikTok and can be seen in vertical format. You can record and edit your videos with various effects, filters, backgrounds, and stickers. In addition, you can use popular soundtracks to make your content interactive. On Reels, you can share different content like educational videos, memes, dance challenges, and comedy videos. 

Due to its huge popularity, Reels have become an excellent platform for brands to promote their products and services. Also, it motivated people to share their thoughts and exhibit their hidden abilities in front of the world. Users can share Reels on stories, posts, and other social media platforms to reach new audiences. It is suggested to the audience based on their interests and interactions. Crafting perfect Reels to captivate the audience takes time and effort. Whether you are an aspiring content creator or a brand, this guide will help you to create eye-catching Reels in a few easy steps. 

Why Are Reels Significant In This Modern World?

Short videos are more popular among people in this modern era. Instagram Reels is an excellent way to jump on this trend and show off your skills. By leveraging Reels you can connect with a large audience and build a solid Instagram presence. These short videos are the key to becoming a famous influencer in a short span. As Reels autoplay when users scroll it, your chances of appearing in their feed are high. 

Brands can reach their potential customers across the world with the help of this feature. It enables businesses to display and promote their products in an exciting way. 

Additionally, brands can give a quick tour of their store or office and update the audience about their audience. This helps to form a connection with the customers and build a sense of community. Therefore, Reels are a powerful weapon to increase engagement, build a huge following, and expand your reach in 2023.

How To Craft Attractive Instagram Reels?

To create an engaging Reels video, you need to understand how to make it perfectly. Here, let’s take a look at some simple but effective steps:

Step 1: Plan Your Concept

Planning what type of content you will share is the first step to success. You need to think of a concept for your videos before recording them. Some of the questions you should ask yourself to get started are:

  • What kind of content are you going to make? It can be educational clips, funny videos, or wellness tips.
  • Which topic will suit your brand or business, and what style will you follow in your videos?
  • Who is your target audience, and which content do they like?
  • How can you match the Reels content with your feed posts?

Once you develop the concept, analyze the trends and challenges you could use in your videos. Next, storyboard your concept by splitting the video clips you will shoot. This will simplify your making process and help you execute it accurately. 

Step 2: Record Your Instagram Reel

After deciding on the concept, begin to film a Reel video. You can access and shoot your videos from the Reels tab, Instagram stories camera, or home screen. To make videos from the Reels tab, click the tab and press the camera icon in the top right corner. Also, you can create Reel videos by clicking the “+” sign on the bottom of your home screen. Swipe left from your home screen to shoot Reels on the Instagram stories camera. You can shoot videos in a single-take series or upload clips from external storage.

Tap the “+” sign on the bottom menu of IG stories camera to include clips from your camera roll on the Reel video. Hold the circle button on the screen to shoot Reel in the app and start filming. If you have a series of clips to add to your Reels, you can drag and drop them in the preferred place to rearrange the order. Film your videos with suitable equipment to produce high-quality content. Lighting is essential when it comes to creating clear videos that captivate the audience’s attention. 

Step 3: Utilize Trending Music & Tools

Music is essential to attract more audiences and make your content go viral. It can uplift the mood of your content and accurately convey the emotions to viewers. Add popular music to your Reels to make your videos more engaging and fascinating. 

Choosing trending soundtracks that fit your video can boost the likes and views of your Instagram Reels. Click the music menu on the screen to select desired audio from Instagram’s extensive music library. You can also import your own sounds on the Reels using the original audio option. To add voiceover to your content, tap the microphone icon on top and record your voice. 

Instagram provides various tools like timer, speed, and layout to customize your Reels videos. You can leverage features like a timer and countdown tool for hands-free shooting. It enables you to film Reels without holding the phone and has various timing options. Next, you can select the speed of your video between 0.3x to 4x, based on the type of content you make. This is highly beneficial when you are creating a timelapse video. The layout tool allows you to combine multiple videos within the frame. You can pick different layouts to display various clips in a single video.

Step 4: Include Filters And Effects

You need to craft visually appealing videos to get a lot of engagement comments and go viral. Adding visual effects, transitions, and stickers to your content can easily capture the viewer’s attention. It also helps to keep your audience engaged and motivate them to interact with your videos. Choose a filter that goes well with your video to enhance its quality and make it more attractive. Swipe left to find a wide range of filters for your clips, or make your own filter. Although, don’t use too many filters on a video, as it looks clumsy and unclear. Similarly, only use trending effects that match your Reels in an adequate time. Too many effects in a single video can overwhelm the audience and increase the chances of people skipping it. 

You can see different kinds of animations and subtle effects by clicking the star symbol. Use your creativity and try various effects on your videos to gain likes on your Instagram Reels. You can browse a particular effect or save your favorite ones for future videos. Numerous new effects are added daily to the platform, so search and test different effects. Currently, AR effects are trending on Instagram Reels, and many influencers use them in their videos. 

Utilize transitions to enhance the overall aesthetics and look of your footage. Some of the main and most common types of transitions are vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. To convey more information, you can add text to your Reels video. Drawing tool lets you beautify your clips in a creative way. Finally, you can insert GIFs, time, location, and many more funny stickers to improve the content’s engagement. Be consistent and ensure to keep the feel and look of your videos fresh and new.

Step 5: Publish And Share Your Reels

Once you finish recording and editing your Reels, it’s time to post and share the video. Tap the share button on your screen and review the preview of your video. After verifying the content, click “edit cover” to add a cover photo for your Reels. Afterward, you can enable the “also share to feed” toggle or turn it off. This feature can boost the reach of your content and helps you to gain more views. Then, type a suitable title and description for your video, and decide whether you want to make it private or public. 

Using the “Tag People” feature, you can tag different Instagram accounts on your Reels. Additionally, there is an option to invite collaborators before posting your Reels. When the collaborator accepts your request, your post will appear on their page and get shared with their followers. This increases your chances of reaching a wider audience and boosts your Reels visibility. 

Also, Instagram Reels allows you to tag products and add location and three topics for customization. By enabling the “Recommend on Facebook” toggle, you can further enhance the reach of your Reels video and gain more recognition. Lastly, tap the share button to publish your Reel on the platform successfully. 


Instagram Reels is an extraordinary tool to grow your follower count and build a successful brand. It is a great platform to show off your creativity and hidden talents. By understanding how to make catchy Reels, you can easily engage your audience and make them return for more content. Mastering Reels requires consistent effort and takes a lot of time. Explore and try different types of content to find which suits you best. Keep your video clips short and use trending music to attract more audience. 

Captions and hashtags play a significant role in improving the visibility of your content. Leverage relevant and popular hashtags to reach people who may be interested in your videos. Instagram offers a lot of interesting visual effects, filters, and transitions to craft exciting Reels. Ensure you use these tools in your videos to captivate more viewers. Tag friends and relevant accounts to increase likes, views, and comments on Instagram Reels. By following the simple steps mentioned in the above article, you can master making perfect Instagram Reels.

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