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5 Top-Notch Strategies To Skyrocket Your Instagram Reels Engagement In 2023

5 Top-Notch Strategies To Skyrocket Your Instagram Reels Engagement In 2023


In this digital era, video content is dominating every social media platform. As the popularity of short videos increases, Reels has become a leading app on the web. It is an excellent tool for artists, content creators, businesses, and brands to develop a solid online presence. Reels can help you to take your brand in front of many new customers. Additionally, you can attract more people to your Instagram profile, quickly increasing the follower count. 

But with more people using the platform daily, you need robust strategies to get engagement on your content. High engagement and interactions are the only way to stand out from the crowd and shine on the app. Keep reading the article to find five impressive strategies to turbocharge your Reels engagement. 

5 Top-Notch Strategies To Boost Your Instagram Reels Engagement

1. Start With A Strong Hook

The beginning of the Reels is as important as your video’s content. Since many users have a short span of attention, it is essential to entice them within a few seconds of a video. The first few seconds of content are crucial to make it stand out and keep the audience engaged. You can prevent people from scrolling your Reels by starting them with an attractive hook. The hook should be eye-catching and encourage users to watch more. 

One of the ways to create a hook is to begin the video with a teaser and then move to the main content. Another method is storytelling, where you narrate an exciting tale to hook the audience throughout the video. You can also start the Reel by sharing a challenge or problem and then proceed to give solutions. Consider using animations at the start of your content to grab Gen Z people’s attention. As the first few seconds are crucial, ensure to create an outstanding hook that retains the audience to watch your whole content. 

2. Hashtags For More Discoverability

Hashtags are the key factor for boosting your discoverability and visibility on Instagram. These tags enable you to reach your target audience, who are genuinely interested in your videos. You can make your Reels more searchable on Instagram by including trending hashtags. Research and find high-performing and relevant hashtags and add them to every Reel. 

Try and create your own branded hashtags to build a strong community around your brand. Also, you can make unique hashtags to start a challenge and encourage users to join them. This motivates the audience to share your videos and helps to get more Instagram Reels views and likes for popularity. Finally, maintain a balance by using popular and niche-relevant hashtags in your videos. 

3. Write A Perfect Caption

Though Reels is a video-sharing platform, captions are vital to give a proper context to your viewers. Including a detailed caption on your videos conveys the information about your content. When users search for specific phrases and hashtags to find a video, captions can make your content reach them. This brings tons of views on Instagram Reels for instant growth and accessibility of your content. Captions lead to more interactions and prompt users to leave comments on your Reels video. 

Most of the viewers won’t be ready to read long paragraphs in your captions. Also, the Instagram format makes it hard to read lengthy wordings while watching the video. Therefore, ensure to craft short and precise captions for your videos. Add relevant hashtags and keywords to boost the visibility of your content. 

4. Utilize Collab Feature

Instagram launched a new feature called “collab,” where accounts can join and share their posts and Reels on their account. This feature makes the Reels appear on all the profile feeds who accepted the request for collaboration. Also, it enables brands to collaborate with their audience, influencers, or even other brands. 

Through the “collab” feature, both creators and brands can gain more exposure on Instagram. You can get introduced to new audiences and attract followers by collaborating with other creators.

5. Add Attractive CTA

Crafting an attention-grabbing CTA ( Call To Action) can drastically increase the engagement on your Instagram Reels. CTA must be relevant, short, and clear to prompt viewers to take quick action. If you are going to promote a discount sale or new arrival, ensure to create a CTA that triggers viewers to purchase them.

Strategically place the CTA on your video to make it more effective and visible. You can keep it as a text overlay or add it at the end of your Reels.


As more people join Instagram and post Reels daily, it is vital to stand out. By harnessing the hacks shared in the above article, you can attract more viewers and engagement to your content. Enhance your discoverability on the Instagram algorithm with creative captions and hashtags. Leverage the latest trends and join in popular challenges to reach a wider audience. 

Start your Reels with enticing hooks to grab users’ attention and stop them from scrolling. Brands and businesses can use the newest features like “collab” to promote their products and services. Prompt your viewers to take immediate action by including an efficient CTA on your content. 

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